High Care

The cummulation of 10 years experience washing vegetables fruits and herbs has enabled Barrowcliffe’s to invest heavily in a new state of the art high care facility.

Fitted with the latest Jacuzzi style washing equipment that is controlled using PLC intelligence, we are able to provide optimum washing techniques that reduce the microbial loading.

By balancing the Free Chlorine levels and p H of the wash water we are able to maintain the integrity of the product and provide a safe ready to eat item.

Each process within high care has been developed to meet the expectations of the customer, the process will be varied and altered to ensure we achieve the  right quality characteristics whilst at all times maintaining the safety of the product.

Barrowcliffe’s have experience in processing delicate items such as leaf to more robust root crops such as carrot, we can wash most items. In fact we currently wash 25 different fruits vegetables and herbs on a daily basis.

The area is technically led and we have work forces that are highly trained. All the team members are trained against Standard operating procedures, specifically those covering the important critical control points that ensure a safe product.

high care