Product Check

All the raw materials we purchase originate from our approved supplier base, each supplier is subject to a rigorous approval system, and only the best meet our criteria.

Upon intake, the produce is immediately stored in our temperature controlled storage facilities. We then sample the delivery to ensure compliance to our agreed specification, looking at the condition of the delivery vehicle, reviewing the size of the produce and evaluating the colour are just some of the key parameters that must meet our specification.

The technical team work alongside the purchasing department to ensure that we source only the best raw materials. Even when the season is difficult due to environmental factors, quality and continuity are our priority. To achieve this, Barrowcliffes work closely with farmers/growers developing strong links and partnerships. 

A team of technical operatives follow the raw materials from intake to finish product, checking processed items to ensure they meet the customers’ specification.

Every area integral to ensuring we provide a quality product is controlled, using a HACCP based management system involving all employees, we drive a quality focus through the business.

Checking Mushrooms